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What people are saying about Apt. 5!

Project: Living Room + Dining Room

My experience with Apt. 5 Interiors has been amazing from start to finish. This was my first time using an interior design service and I had no clue what to expect. Alexia was so professional and helpful. From the start she was upfront about what my budget could get me in  comparison to my wants. Her team was timely and kept me up to date throughout the process. I am so happy she was able to take my vision and rework it in a way that came about better than I could have hope for. Full service interior design is worth every penny and although I was worried about the initial investment, it completely paid off.  Apt. 5 Interiors is the way to go for sure and I will be returning for another room in the near future.

Noel B.
Educator | Sandy Springs, GA

Project: Bedroom

I never used an Interior Designer before and I was unsure about using one. Alexia addressed my worries and made me feel comfortable immediately. The whole design process went smooth and even when we had an issue with a contractor, Alexia stepped in quickly and handled the problem for me. I think I am pretty handy but having her around saved me time and money. I really like the design of my bedroom. She really made it into a place that fit my personality but looks impressive! I look forward to working with her again.

Devin L.
Manager | Atlanta, GA

Project Living Room/ Bedroom

I recently relocated to a new city for work and purchased my first place. I was extremely busy and I was referred to Apt. 5 by a co-worker. Right from the start, I knew I made the right decision. I used Alexia’s e-design service and she literally saved me from having to spend hours furniture shopping on my weekends. She was able to use all my many inspiration photos and helped me discover a style that I really liked. I am in love with my new space and it looks like it’s out of a magazine!

Nicole H.
Graphic Designer | Atlanta, GA


Project: Apartment

I moved thousands of miles from home to an unfamiliar country. Everything was different so it was extremely important for me to make my home a place that felt familiar. I love glitter, gold, and glam and can sometimes be over the top. I was so impressed how Alexia was able to take my vision and make it something real (and elegant) even from across the world. I get so many compliments on my condo. It fits my personality to a T! After working with Apt, 5 Interiors, my home is now my sanctuary. After a busy day at work, I come home and fall in love with my home again and again.

Tiffany B.
Educator | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project: Living Room, Dining Room (e-design)

Let me start by saying I know absolutely nothing about design. I recently got a big raise and wanted to have a party at my house but was so embarrassed of my not so cool bachelor pad. Apt. 5 Interiors came in and rescued me. I found the company while searching for inspiration on Instagram. I had such a great time working with Alexia! She answered all my questions, helped me pull my ideas together and make my place look age appropriate for a single man without any cliche stuff. Her edesign service is such an unique and affordable way to get your house looking nice without sacrificing every penny in your bank account. Will work with her team again!

Kevin M.
Account Manager | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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