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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner

It can be challenging to get any two people to agree on anything. Politics, Beyonce, the environment; You name it and you will often get two very distinct perspectives. This can get even tougher when it comes to spouses. It's so much more complicated than “I like pink...

Color Basics: How to Choose the Right Color for You

It can be so intimidating to commit to a paint color for your entire space. So much can go wrong! With endless possibilities and so many options for your home, finding the right color for you can be difficult. Color picking can get complicated quickly, so it truly...

The eDesign Experience: Why it works!

I love interior design. It’s my passion. I honestly wouldn’t know what else I would be doing if I didn’t have design. Recently, I started offering e-design services. I was hesitant for a long time to offer these services to my clients. Having actually worked for one...

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