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Furniture Shopping 101: 7 Tips to Make Furniture Shopping Simple

For some of us shopping seems exciting, for others it seems daunting. Whatever your interests, at the end of the day it can get complicated and tiresome. Want to know how to get the shopping done without losing your mind or motivation? Keep Reading. We’ve got all the...

My Favorite Designer Paint Colors!

My work as an interior designer is all about color. I fall in love with new colors, schemes, and designs every day; however, I still have my top picks from each color on the color wheel that I just can’t let go. My favorite designer paint colors have changed but these...

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner

It can be challenging to get any two people to agree on anything. Politics, Beyonce, the environment; You name it and you will often get two very distinct perspectives. This can get even tougher when it comes to spouses. It's so much more complicated than “I like pink...

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