Letting go can be hard. Its that time of year again, pre-holiday cleaning. Are you ready to tackle some projects around the house? Ready to give your home a new look? Yay! My #1 tip for getting started is declutter, declutter, declutter. Yes, just declutter, purge, organize, ect. You can’t truly have a fresh new space without first getting rid of the old junk. If you truly want a beautiful home you have to first let go of the old.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Why Letting Go of Stuff is Hard

You may say, “Hold up! These things were expensive!” or “These things hold sentimental value! Look, this was my Backstreet Boys lunch box from high school” (Yup, that was a thing.)

Do you really love it though? If so, why is it in the back of a drawer covered in dust?

We take care of the things we love. We do not shove them in the back of the drawer and never look at them again. Typically, if you haven’t seen or used it in a year, odds are it’s not that special to you. Really evaluate and take inventory of what you have. You will be surprised how much stuff you really don’t need or want. When cleaning out those drawers and closets ask yourself these two simple questions.

  • Have I seen this item within the last year?
  • Does this add value to my everyday life?

Why Clutter is Messing Up Your Vibes

Clutter stresses you out!

Having to always move things out of your way or seeing it everywhere causes you stress. Researchers at U.C.L.A. found that when people are dealing with their belongings, the stress hormones will spike.

Clutter can make you sad and depressed.

Researchers have found a direct link between clutter and depression. Clutter makes it very hard for us to relax, creates feelings of guilt, and constantly signals that our work is never done according to  Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.

Clutter can make you waste time and money.

You will spend a considerable amount of time looking for your stuff. You may forget to pay bills and have to pay extra fees for late payments. You may even buy duplicates of the same item because you either can’t find the item in your home or you’ve forgotten that you had it already.

Clear Things Out!

Clearing out the junk can improve your overall well-being. You will be less stressed, have more positive energy, and a relaxed mind.

A few simple ways to get started

You may be thinking, “I have so much stuff! How do I even begin to go through all this mess?!” No worries. Cleaning doesn’t need to complicated or exhausting. I follow these simple rules when beginning the decluttering process.

  • Make a plan
    • Pick a room to work on. Not the whole house just one room. Keep it simple.
    • Set aside boxes or bins for sorting.
  • Do a little at a time
    • Schedule a day or two to get the job done.
  • Set a timer and work like a crazy person.
    • Set your timer. Try working for 30-60 minute intervals. You don’t want to burn yourself out and leave the task unfinished,
    • Put on your favorite playlist and get to work to help pass the time and keep you focused. You will be amazed at how much you get done.

I have found that clearing out space is cathartic. You feel so much lighter and happier when things aren’t piled up, broken, or just taking up space. Still not sure where to start. Just download the Declutter Checklist to help get you started.

The process: Simple questions to ask as your purge

  1. Is this beautiful?
  2. Is this useful?
  3. Do I truly think it is worth having in my home?

If you answer no to any of those things, it has to go. Don’t think about, don’t hesitate. Just toss it. You have to be a decluttering gangsta.