What is E-Design?

E-Design is an affordable more flexible design service where most of your communication with your designer is done primarily through email, Skype/Google Hangouts, or phone. For a flat fee, you receive a custom room design that is created to fit your needs, style, and budget.

What type of client is E-Design best for?

E-Design clients are people who love the style of a particular designer, but aren’t ready for the full-service luxury of an all inclusive design service. Since most e-design projects can be done remotely, it allows you the opportunity to work with a designer you like without having to live in the same area.

It is also good for people who don’t mind doing a little work themselves. An e-design project leaves all of the purchasing, hiring contractors, and styling to the client.

Furthermore, it also appeals to more budget conscious clients. The major appeal of e-design services is the flat fee pricing.

Is E-Design only suited for people who are into DIY?

Nope, not at all. When working with an interior designer, they typically provide you with a detailed floor plan as well as a guide and tips to help you style your room. If the project involves painting, construction, or putting together furniture you can always hire someone to do that. There is no need to sweat or break a nail trying to do the manual labor yourself.

How do I find the right designer for my project and me?

When looking for the right interior designer for your e-design project you should ask yourself the following questions…

1.) Do you love their work?

When you go to the designers website or instagram, do you love what you see? If you like modern and mid-century design, but the designer you like primarily has rustic and shabby chic type of style. Chances are that designer’s style might not a good match for you.

2.) Do they have a cool blog or website that you like?

These days everyone has an online presence. Most designers have a blog or website. A designer’s blog/website is not just a place to show pretty pictures of their work, but you also get an idea of their personality.

3.) What’s their rep in the streets?

Does the designer have a good reputation? If you happen to go to their site, most designers have client testimonials as well as positive feedback on social media.

How does this process work?


After the initial contact with the designer. You typically fill out a brief questionnaire outlining your space and what your needs are.


You schedule a call or Skype time for the initial consultation. Though this varies from designer to designer, I personally prefer to chat with my clients for two reasons. 1) No one wants to fill out a 40 page questionnaire 2) You can get to know a lot about a person through general conversation that you don’t get though just email. It is difficult to design for a person you don’t know. 3) It also gives my clients a chance to get to know me and see that I’m not just some random person behind a computer.


After the initial consultation. The designer goes back to the drawing board to put together the design. You will probably get a few questions from your designer about what you sent to them and other things.


Then after about 2 weeks you have a full design plan. Typically you get a mood board with all your furniture and accessories, color palate, shopping list and styling guide.


If you are not fully satisfied. There is usually a round of revisions to hammer out any final changes or details.


Now you can begin to put your room together!

E-Design v. Traditional

E-design is a still new frontier for the design industry. It is convenient, fast, and affordable than traditional full-scale design services. They key to getting a great e-design project is finding a designer that fits you and your style. It is like buying a pair of heels, the fit is very important. They may look great on, but hurt like crazy when you walk around. They should look good and feel great. Right? So, the same concept applies.  

Make sure you talk to your designer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get some more information. It is important that you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and ideas. Make sure to check out their blog and site. Remember to do your research and check their reputation. If you are want more information on e-design services?

If you have any questions about e-design that I might have overlooked, just leave a comment below or contact me. Have you considered e-design services or used them before? How was your experience? I would love to hear from you.