KATE SPADE HOME COVER PIC “OMG! Kate Spade has furniture. Oh, I bet it’s sooooo cute!”

This was my exact reaction upon learning that Kate Spade expanded its brand to include a full home furnishings collection. Ohhh, yes everything is beautiful! The Collection is classic with clean lines and sophistication while still encompassing everything that is iconically Kate Spade. 

KATE SPADE HOME1. Dickinson Pendent  // 2. Georgia Chair // 3. Mega Floral Rug // 4. Ampersand Table // 5. Downing Desk 

For example, there are bow details on the bases of a bench, black and white polka dot prints, and bright colors. The collection boasts sixty pieces currently available for purchase, as well as lighting, rugs, bedding, and home accessories. Keep an eye out, as there are more pieces coming in 2016 including wallpaper and fabric.

kate-spade-home-furniture-collection-line-launch-lighting-bedding-new-york-6 kate-spade-home-furniture-collection-line-launch-lighting-bedding-new-york-7 LW_Kate_Spade_Feminine_Bedroom

All images via @ Kate Spade