I love interior design. It’s my passion. I honestly wouldn’t know what else I would be doing if I didn’t have design. Recently, I started offering e-design services. I was hesitant for a long time to offer these services to my clients. Having actually worked for one of the big e-design companies before I didn’t feel it offered the one-on-one designer/client personal collaboration it should. As a designer, I want to offer the highest quality experience to my clients.

I can admit when I was wrong. I started offering e-design services to my clients and I am so happy I did. One of my very first clients was my sister Tiffany. I mean who better to be the guinea pig than your younger sibling. The goal was simple. This experience should be fun, simple, and stress-free for my clients.

interiors design, e-design service

How E-Design Works

  1. Fill out the simple design questionnaire
  2. Share your 5 – 10 inspiration images
  3. Have a chat with me. After I receive the new client questionnaire and images, I schedule a call with the client to do the following:
    • Make sure we are on the same page
    • Try to really get a good understanding on what their dream room is and how we can make it happen
    • Discuss the design concept
  4. In 7 business days, I deliver a Style Board. The style board conveys the overall look and feel of the space. The client gives feedback and I tweak it according to the feedback I receive.
  5. Full Design is delivered. Complete with a clickable shopping list, floor plan, installation instructions on how to do it yourself and more.

The process typically takes 3-4 weeks depending on the size and how quickly the revision process goes. Here is how went with Tiffany.

interiors design, e-design service

interiors design, e-design service

Tiffany’s Experience


Tiffany is a teacher who moved all the way to Abu Dhabi to teach for 3 years. It’s literally on the other side of the planet (at least 18 hours on a plane). Luckily, they have all the same home stores there as they do here (and some new fun places I had never heard of) making shopping a breeze.

Me:  What were your biggest concerns with working on an interior design project with your designer being 8,000 miles away?

Tiffany: I was worried about having access to the right supplies needed to get the job done on my own.


Me: What was the easiest thing?

Tiffany: Communication! Everything was done for me and clear, so all I had to do was follow instructions.


Me: What was the most difficult

Tiffany: Shopping was difficult because even though I had a list, I easily got deterred by sparkling things. I had to remember my designer was the expert and I needed to get the items we discussed first (and stick to my budget) before purchasing additional items.


Me: Did you feel like you were able to express your personal design taste to me clearly?

Tiffany: Even though I am your annoying little sister, I felt it was easy to talk to you about what I needed.  What was even better was that you really took the time to make sure you understood what I wanted and what I was seeing for my apartment.


Me: How was the process of putting everything together?

Tiffany: Setting up the apartment was simple. I just reminded myself to follow the plan, had some friends and building staff assist.


Me: What do you think of the final outcome?

Tiffany: I absolutely, positively, without a doubt am in love with my space. I feel like I am in a cozy little dream world fit for a queen. Waking up to beauty and coming home to peace are my favorite parts of the day. Not to mention, I get so many compliments and people feel so comfortable in my home.


interiors design, e-design service

interiors design, e-design service

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