My work as an interior designer is all about color. I fall in love with new colors, schemes, and designs every day; however, I still have my top picks from each color on the color wheel that I just can’t let go. My favorite designer paint colors have changed but these are my current favs!

Apt. 5 Interiors Favorite Designer Paint Colors



Considered the most popular color in the bunch and is a go-to color for many designers. They range from ocean shades, jewel tones, and deep moody colors.  Perfect color for any room from offices to bedrooms blue is versatile.


Beacon Grey BM 2128-60

Patriot Blue BM 2064-20

Constellation Blue Behr T18-18

Naval SW 6244



If you want some positive energy in a room, try orange. It is energetic, vibrant, friendly and playful. Not sold on true orange? You are not alone because it is my least favorite shade. Remember there rich russet shades, soft peach, and pinky-red corals.


Intimate White SW 6322

Coral Reef SW 6606

Civara  Behr T18-02 

Deep Poinsettia BM 2091-30



This verdant hue comes in so many shades and has many moods. Just like in nature, green plays well with other greens, neutrals, and earth tones.


Wabi-Sabi Behr T18-10

Halcyon Green SW 6213

Isle of Pines SW 6461

Cascades SW 7623



This is the color of royalty. Invoking soft and sweet, cool and creative, or majestic and lux. Worried it may take over a room? This color works well with peacock, classic navy, creams, and mint green.


Violet Pearl BM 1415

Exclusive Plum SW 6263

Exotic Fuchsia BM 2074-50

Mature Grape SW 6286

Apt. 5 Interiors Favorite Designer Paint Colors


The most optimistic shade of all. It does not take much to be noticed, so you can use it sparingly or all over. They tend to change depending on their surroundings so matching with furniture and lighting should be done carefully.


Honey Moth Behr 350E-2

Calla Lily BM 283

Coastal Path BM AF-380

Eye Catching SW 6914



No color in the spectrum demands our attention like this fiery hue. It is full of drama and is very emotional. Think passion, love, and romance. You can try a bold ruby red or for a more subtle shade there is the more brownish brick red


Demure SW 6295

Tender Pink BM 2090-50

Caliente BM AF-290

Fine Wine SW 6307



These colors are all about flexibility. They pair easily with most colors on the spectrum. They can create a high contrast black and white or they can be dark and moody. You can punch them up with colorful/rich accent tones. The possibilities are endless.


Night Shade BM 2116-10

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Repose Gray SW 7015

Graylac Behr T18-03



I know what your thinking, “Is white even a color?” Yes, white is a color and even though it is considered more of a non-color, it comes in thousands of shades. Choosing the right white is key because it is much more than a background shade. They have various tints that can read incorrectly when paired with other colors.


Alabaster SW 7008

Silky White Behr PPU12

Decorator’s White BM OC-149

Eider White  SW 7014



Black can be a polarizing color when it comes to interiors. For some, it may be too dark or moody. I disagree. I adore a black interior. There is a reason women own a little black dress, it is a classic color that never goes out of style. In feng shui the color back is connected to the element of water, evoking power, mystery, and calm. Black also adds the right amount of drama in any space.


Black Beauty BM 2128-10

Tricorn Black SW 6990

Black Suede Behr S-H-790

Caviar SW 6990


What are your favorite designer paint colors from my list? Are you ready to try something new?