What is so special about this shade?

This subdued shade is highlighted as one of Pantone’s Spring 2016 colors. This gray has undertones of purple lending it an air of classic sophistication. It is truly a versatile that shade you can build your room around. If you wanted to keep the look more monochrome, make sure to add plenty of variation in tone and texture to the room does not look stagnant and flat. Another option would be to pair it with bright colors and metallics. Lilac Gray works well with metallics, soft pinks like Rose Quartz, deep jewel tones in purples, greens, and blues. The possibilities are endless.


Color Crush Lilac Gray Moodboard


MOOD: spiritual, feminine, luxury, creativity, sophistication, and magic

WHERE: All rooms!

WHAT NOT TO DO: The simplicity of this color can be a bit flat. Make sure to liven it up with other colors and textures. Try metallics (silver/gold) or a rose quartz.


Paint Swatches Lilac Gray


If you are tired of the standard grays, beiges, or whites this would be a great option. The paint swatches above are great hues that are similar to Lilac Gray. If you want the true shade, most paint companies can and will match it for you.

Get The Look

Lilac Gray Style


  1. Watercolor Print 
  2. Mirrored Frame 
  3. Eclipse Agate Chandelier 
  4. Amethyst Box 
  5. Mina Sofa in Amethyst 
  6. Faceted Mirror Coffee Table 

What’s not to love about this shade? There is certainly nothing basic about this neutral palette. I would mix it with soft pinks, amethyst, and metallics. Make sure to add variety with texture and tone to keep the space interesting. Can you see yourself using this in your home?