Top Five: Kate Spade Home

KATE SPADE HOME COVER PIC “OMG! Kate Spade has furniture. Oh, I bet it’s sooooo cute!”

This was my exact reaction upon learning that Kate Spade expanded its brand to include a full home furnishings collection. Ohhh, yes everything is beautiful! The Collection is classic with clean lines and sophistication while still encompassing everything that is iconically Kate Spade. 


Project: The Modern Glam Bedroom Makeover

Project: The Modern Glam Bedroom Makeover

This room has been long overdue for a makeover. It has been used for storage and an office. Now it will be a bedroom. The room is small but has large windows, which brings in a lot of great light, especially in the morning.


Bedroom Before

This space does not need any work done structurally, but it is a small space about 11ft x 12ft. It is just large enough for a queen size bed. While small can be cozy and intimate it also means, storage will be limited. There is also an ugly builders boob light that needs to disappear. Ideally I would love to get rid of the beige carpet but unfortunately, that has to stay.


The Inspiration

BM Violet Pearl

I was inspired by a single color, Benjamin Moore’s Violet Pearl. It is everything I want in a color for this space. It is unobtrusive, glamorous, and feminine. Typically when I am designing a space, I seek inspiration from the client. What they love and how they live. This is one of the most difficult project yet, because I am my own client. There is so much that inspires me and I know all the possibilities I could create with this tiny little room.


The Concept



BRM Moodboard
This little space will be a modern boudoir. It should have clean lines, soft accents, bold architectural moments, and feel inviting. My personal design style could be described in that in the same breath. If I had to name it, I would call it Relaxed Luxe.
Color Palette


The Design

This tiny space has just enough room for a queen bed. A slim nightstand and a small accent table flank the bed. A nearby chair makes the most of an otherwise empty corner. Directly across from the bed is the vanity, creating additional storage and a comfortable dressing area. This layout maximizes every inch of this small room.



Room Sketch

Floor Plan


A bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. So, I chose simple hotel style bedding framed by a soft grey velvet bed to create a feeling of simple luxury. To offset the bedding, I chose a bold leopard print pillows and pillows with a strong modern border for some interest. I may add some more color if it feels too sterile, but for now it’s simply black, white, and gold. To add some weight to this space I decided on a blue/black nightstand with brass pulls. Since the room could only comfortably fit one nightstand I chose a bamboo gold side table.

BRM Moodboard


Gold is one of the primary accents in this space. I used it to frame some of the art work by the nightstand as well as the lotus pendant for the center of the room. For some additional bling, I repurposed a simple square columned acrylic lamp with a white linen drum shade. For some natural elements, I added pieces like an amethyst cluster and a live orchid (my favorite flower). I also plan on using this beautiful marbled paper for a cool and simple DIY project, which I will be posting soon.

This project is going to a bit of a challenge, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out. For updates and other goodies sign-up to be an Apt. 5 Insider.