Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner

It can be challenging to get any two people to agree on anything. Politics, Beyonce, the environment; You name it and you will often get two very distinct perspectives. This can get even tougher when it comes to spouses. It’s so much more complicated than “I like pink and he likes blue”. Merging two complete adult lives is just a tricky matter. Each individual has their own style, personality, baggage (literally and figuratively), and life experiences they bring to the table. It is possible for two individuals with wildly different styles to live happily under the same roof. I have created these spaces for clients successfully despite the decor bumps we have hit along the way.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner

I know what you are thinking…

“How am I supposed to respect someone’s taste who thinks an old college recliner is okay in the formal living room?”

“This is someone who can’t even coordinate their own day without my help. Why should I trust their design ideas?”

All those points about your partner may be valid (and a bit shady)  but they matter. A home is where not only the heart is, but a place that is your refuge. You should feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Right? Here is my proven process to get you and your partner to choose a paint color without it turning into an episode of Maury. I’ve also included a downloadable checklist to help you out.


1. Listen

Yes I said listen. Whether you want to hear it or not. There are two voices in the room and each person wants to be heard. Sometimes just acknowledging and “respecting” someone else’s thoughts can go a long way.

2. Share ideas

Each of you should create a pinterest board with images that have wall colors you like. Only 5-10 images are needed (not 400). Then, choose 3 images/colors you like most and why you think it should work. You may find you have surprisingly similar taste or find some middle ground.

3. Find inspiration in the bedroom closet

Yes, the closet. What colors do each of you like to see yourself in? Make a list. Keep it short 2-3 max. Now compare. What colors would make a great backdrop to your wardrobe/ lifestyle?

4. Take a field trip to the paint store

Each of you should select 2-3 colors that you like. Get samples. Paint swatches. Choose your top two paint colors.

5. Make it work.

Now that you have your top 2 colors, see how they work with your furniture/ decor. Choose the one that works best.


See! That was easy right? Even if you and your partner agree on colors/decor this exercise is still very helpful in making proper design decisions. It might take a bit of work but ultimately you both can create a home that everyone one loves.

Here is an example of a color palette I created for some of my clients!

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Palette with your Partner


I hope you found this helpful. Just follow this simple checklist to guide you through the process. Remember to have fun and listen to each other. And if all else fails. Call a pro!


Design Diary: New Year, New Vibes

Design Diary: New Year, New Vibes

The mood in January is all about renewal. I am sure you are being bombarded with all the “New Year, New Me” stuff, the gym is at capacity for the next 3 weeks, and you won’t be able get on your favorite machine when you want. Ugh. January is like the Monday of the year. It’s like you have been chillin’ all weekend then bam, back to the grind. You make all these plans to do better and “live your best life”, but that seems to be more stressful than helpful in the end.

I stopped with the new year’s resolutions a while ago. I would make all these elaborate plans to lose weight, eat better, stay organized, ect…you get the idea. I would do great for a few weeks but then I would fall off. Then start beating myself up about how I didn’t meet my goals. I finally realized change isn’t about big drastic changes but small daily actions. So, this month I am focusing on the tiny leaps. Is your house a mess after the holidays? Don’t stress. Still not organized? Don’t stress. No resolutions just do better for yourself.


Check out this amazingly stylish vision board by Sayeh Pezeshki here.

Good Vibes Only

Focus on things that make you happy. Create a Vibe board! Just make a board not only of things you want but things that make you happy. Make it pretty and put it someplace you can see it. I keep mine by my vanity.


apt. 5 interiors quote

Just Say Yes

Things not working out the way you want? Just try something new. Have you been lusting after that bright blue sofa? Go for it. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box

apt 5 interiors new year new vibes

Surround Yourself with Love

Get rid of things you hate. Keep things in your environment that you love. Detoxing your home isn’t just about organization. It is about creating a place where you want to come home. Remember your home is your retreat from the world.

Spend January creating and doing things that will not only make you happy but will set yourself up for good vibes all year.