My Favorite Ways to Keep a Haute Home In Winter

I do not like winter. I just don’t. Nope. Give me a beach and hot summer sun year-round. Unfortunately for me I don’t actually live in those places so I have to make due. After the Christmas décor and lights are put away, all I am left with is cold wet weather that...

Color Crush: Lilac Gray

What is so special about this shade? This subdued shade is highlighted as one of Pantone's Spring 2016 colors. This gray has undertones of purple lending it an air of classic sophistication. It is truly a versatile that shade you can build your room around. If you...

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What is E-Design?

What is E-Design? E-Design is an affordable more flexible design service where most of your communication with your designer is done primarily through email, Skype/Google Hangouts, or phone. For a flat fee, you receive a custom room design that is created to fit your...

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Cocktails at 6: Caipirinha

So what is a Caipirinha? It Brasil’s national cocktail and one on my favorite adult beverages. I love it because it is a simple, no fluff drink that is easy to make. You don’t need a blender or sugary neon colored drink “mixes” for this treat. It is sweet and a little...

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5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

  I know many people often grapple with the decision to hire a professional or not. Designing your own space can be a challenging time. All the details and decisions can be overwhelming and frustrating. Where do I get the best sofa? Is this artwork right for this...

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Hi I’m Alexia, an Atlanta based interior designer. Creating chic and inviting designs for my clients is what I do. I believe that living your best life starts at home. At Apt. 5 we believe in modern classics, a happy home, and good cocktails. Thanks for stopping by!

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